I’ve had two five star reviews this week and one of them on Amazon UK!

Five Star Review For Child Of Dust On Christian Bookaholic and my first on Amazon UK!

Child Of Dust was a powerful read. It was a read that both educated and horrified me with the treatment of the people of dust. People are valuable and should be treated as such and not used and abused. There were certainly some hard hitting topics. Child Of Dust is not for the faint hearted. It is real. It is gritty. It is a story that pulls no punches. It is also a story that should be read – life is not always a bed of roses but God is faithful and can be trusted.

A powerful offering from Shoba Sadler.

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This second five star review is from a gentleman. I truly appreciate his honesty about apprehensions about this genre from bad experiences in the past. He said also he would never of his own have chosen multi-cultural and was so glad he did and it changed his opinion completely.

The writing style was outstanding, the character development was exemplary, and story line kept me completely immersed from start to finish. I was actually surprised at the lack of significant editing errors. This, in and of itself, is a major achievement. I loved the book and give the author a resounding five stars for this offering.

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