My name is Shoba Sadler. I am an author that likes to write in multiple genres. I have been published by mainstream publishers many years ago but I got tired of all the fanfare surrounding book publishing when all I wanted to do was create amazing stories.

So now I have decided to release my books independently through self-publishing where I have more control over my work.The only good thing that came out of having my work being accepted and published by independent publishing houses is the fact that it accredited me as a writer and gave me the endorsement I needed to continue writing.

Unfortunately, when I first got published Amazon was a fledgling start-up and Kindle non-existent and self-published authors were considered wannabe authors and not to be taken seriously. So unless you had a book accepted by an independent publishing house , which is a soul shattering experience of wading through a sea of rejection letters, you do not get that coveted title of “author”. Fortunately I had crossed that hurdle. Yet disillusionment struck and I chose to give novels a rest while I continued to write feature stories for newspapers and magazines.

After a ten-year hiatus from novels, I decided to pick up the pen again mainly because of an audacious, avid reader who tracked me down through Facebook only to tell me how much she loved my debut novel. She said, “I must have read your book a hundred times” and went on to talk about characters and scenes from the book. Finally she gave me the ultimate compliment. She asked if my story was real. She made me realise this is what writing is about. To take your writers on a journey so real that they lose themselves in the adventure.

My passion for writing is matched only by my passion for cooking with farm fresh produce. I live a healthy lifestyle on a farm with my husband, Kevin, a talented musician, who also loves to surf and ski. We grow our own vegetables and fruits and share our home with a multitude of animals and wildlife. We are passionate about buying directly from local farmers who practice organic farming.

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