The Write Stuff Radio is a funky station featuring edgier Christian books that would rarely be picked up by mainstream publishing. I had a wonderful time with Ms Parker J Cole during our radio interview. She made me feel at ease and it was like we were having a chat over a cup of tea although she was thousands of miles away in the US while I was in Australia. I was looking out my window at a kangaroo and my moringa tree at 1 pm in the afternoon while the sun had already set where she was!

Just setting up the interview over Skype and the technical logistics that went into it was hillarious and mind boggling and Ms Parker handled it superbly and never lost her cool 🙂

I however was a little flustered by the technical issues and I feel I sound awkward on the radio. Besides the audio on my side not to good. Nevertheless we had a good time.

Check out my radio interview on The Write Stuff Radio